Your Medical Home

The doctors and staff at Wodonga West Medical Clinic are committed to providing the best health care possible for you and your family. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive medical care and we work to improve our patient's health. We are a small family practice that prides itself on a friendly atmosphere and we welcome any new patients to the clinic. We consider ourselves one big family and we invite you to join us by making Wodonga West Medical Clinic your medical home.

A medical home is a place that provides the majority of your medical care for you and your family. It should be somewhere that you feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that all the staff will treat you with kindness and respect at all times. By maintaining a consistent medical home, we have the opportunity to be able to assess irregularities in your presentation to the clinic. Lack of information can affect the quality of care that is given... By ensuring that you maintain your medical home, all of your specialists correspondence will be available to your GP to assist the correct treatment.