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About Us


Our newly renovated clinic offers 10 examination rooms, a two bed treatment room and upgraded waiting areas that can seat 42 patients at one time. We also have a dedicated children's play room for parents to be able to monitor their children while playing.

Due to the wide range of services we provide, we have an extensive list of specialised medical equipment available at our fingertips. Some of these include:

audiometer and booth
24 hour ambulatory BP monitor

Test Results

It is your responsibility to follow-up on any test result. This can be done through a return visit or a phone call. The doctors have a system in place where they have marked results that nursing staff may give out. Results cannot be given out until the doctor has viewed them. The doctor will inform the nurse if they would like you to make an appointment, either urgently or non urgently to review the results. As it is not appropriate for our nursing staff to analyse your results over the phone, should you require further information it is expected that you will make an appointment with your doctor.

Times for calling for test results are between 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm weekdays. If the doctor needs to speak to you about the result, a message will be taken for your doctor to call you back. All patient results are treated as strictly confidential. Results can only be given to the patient concerned, unless written consent has been given.


To promote better health care, the practice automatically enrolls patients for recalls. The recall could be a letter or a phone call from reception staff. Recalls and conditions that we monitor include:

We also participate in government reminder systems such as the Childhood Immunisation Register and the Pap Smear Register.

If you would prefer NOT to be added please let reception staff know.