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Travel Health Services that we provide:

  • Expert, individualised medical consultation before travel, while traveling and upon return
  • The most current medical advice on international health risks specific to your destination
  • A complete range of vaccinations on site including Yellow Fever, Rabies, and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines
  • A broad selection of standard and customised medical kits for travelers WHO approved international vaccination booklets
  • A range of medications for travel including anti-malarial drugs
  • A range of equipment to protect you from insect-borne diseases
  • Access to an international network of travel health providers
  • An extensive range of brochures are available


Dr. Bill Walton - Your Travel Doctor

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At the Travel Doctor TMVC it is our aim to provide you with a service that will help you to enjoy your overseas adventure, by helping you to minimise the health risks you are exposed to while traveling. Getting sick overseas can be a major health (and wealth) hazard, which can often be avoided by seeking appropriate medical advice and taking basic precautions.

Is this service costly?

For Australians the cost of the consultation with the Travel Doctor is wholly or partly rebatable from Medicare, while the cost of vaccination and medications is not.

We pride ourselves on providing appropriate advice tailored to your destination and consequently often find that we can minimise costs through experienced and accurate risk assessment.

As part of a large buying group we are able to access vaccinations at the lowest price that is generally available - a cost saving that we are able to pass on to you.

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