Occupational Medicine

We can offer a wide range of occupational health services for your business.

Our clinic provides a variety of occupational medicals inculding pre-employment medicals. If your company requires a specialised service please contact us.

Dr. William Walton & Dr. Peter Sartori


Service Price
Medicals $187.00
Audiometry $52.00
Spirometry $66.00
Urine drug screen $55.00
Flu vaccination $27.50 plus consultation
ECG $66.00

Pre-employment and Annual Medicals

There is a wide range of medical services we offer for companies and individuals. We offer the following diagnostic services.

  • Hearing tests (audio)
  • Spirometry (lung function)
  • Urine drug screening
  • Specialised immunisations (travel, flu and q-fever)
  • ECG’s
  • Referrals for alcohol and comprehensive drug testing at pathology
  • Referrals for blood tests and x-rays as required
  • On site visits for vaccination

Work Injury Treatment

We offer acute workplace injury management. If you have an injury that requires urgent attention, the clinic will endeavour to accommodate you within reason.

Services provided by our clinic include:

  • Suture of lacerations
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Treatment of wounds
  • Treatment of skin conditions, reactions and bites
  • Treatment of muscle strains

We do not provide treatment for serious or life threatening medical conditions.

Patient’s recovery is closely monitored by the consulting doctor and with careful management; our doctors encourage patients to return to work, to reduce loss of productivity, whenever possible.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.